How to Capture Screenshots on Surface Pro

Welcome to the ultimate guide on capturing screenshots like a pro on your Surface Pro! Whether you’re a new user or looking to expand your skills, we’ve covered you with easy-to-follow steps and tips.

  1. Capture the Entire Screen

Let’s start with the basics: capturing your entire screen in just a few simple steps. To take a screenshot of your whole Surface Pro screen, simultaneously press the “Windows” button (located at the bottom left of your keyboard) and the “Volume Down” button (on the side of your device). Your screen will momentarily dim and brighten again, indicating the screenshot has been successfully captured. You can access your screenshot in the “Screenshots” folder within the “Pictures” library.

  1. Snag a Specific Spot

Sometimes, you may only want to capture a specific area of your screen, like a particular window or section of an app. Surface Pro allows you to do this easily. Press and hold the “Windows” button, then tap the “Volume Down” button. Your screen will dim, and you can use your finger or stylus to select the area you want to capture. Once you’ve chosen the desired portion, release your finger or stylus, and the screenshot will be saved.

  1. Annotate Your Screenshots

Want to add some notes, highlights, or drawings to your screenshots? Surface Pro offers a built-in tool called “Screen Snip” to do just that. Open the Start menu and search “Snip & Sketch” or “Screen Snip.” Once opened, you can snip a portion of the screen and annotate it with various tools like a pen, highlighter, or pencil. This is perfect for adding context or emphasizing specific details before sharing screenshots.

  1. Explore More with the Snipping Tool

Consider using the “Snipping Tool” available on your Surface Pro for more advanced screenshotting options. This tool lets you capture screenshots in different shapes and sizes, including rectangular, free-form, window, and full-screen snips. To access the Snipping Tool, open the application and type “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar. You can select your desired snip type from there and capture the screenshot accordingly.

  1. Snap While Browsing or Using Apps

Whether browsing the web or using apps, capturing screenshots on Surface Pro is quick and convenient. To take a screenshot of a web page or app, simultaneously press the “Windows,” “Volume Up,” and “Power” buttons. This will instantly capture the entire screen and save it to your device. It’s a handy shortcut for capturing anything exciting or essential you come across during your Surface Pro sessions.

Bonus Tip: Organize with OneNote

If you like keeping things organized, use Microsoft OneNote to manage your screenshots. With OneNote, you can easily insert screenshots directly into your notes, making it convenient to reference them alongside your other content. This is especially useful for students, professionals, or anyone who frequently takes screenshots as part of their work or studies.

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Now that you’ve mastered screenshotting on Surface Pro put your new found skills to use! Experiment with different techniques, annotate your screenshots and explore the full potential of your device. Happy screenshotting!

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