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Best Travel Shoes

Being stuck in an unpleasant pair of shoes can disrupt your vacation plans. Nobody wants to deal with blisters while exploring a new place, running through crowded airports, or navigating a rocky beach. 

To minimize aching feet, pack comfortable travel shoes first in your suitcase. Whether planning a beach holiday or a city break in Europe, we have compiled a list of the best travel shoes for each adventure, including elegant walking shoes, comfortable sneakers, sandals, and more.

4 Best Travel Shoes

1. Teva Hurricane XLT2.

Feel the air on your feet as you cross the world’s trails and woodlands with these Teva travel shoes. 

The robust EVA footbed can withstand all-day escapades, and the straps can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit. 

This version of the legendary Hurricane features soft padding on the heel strap to prevent chafing and blisters, and the redesigned sole has even more traction than before, allowing you to grasp the ground as you climb the forest floor or pyramid steps. 

Furthermore, the upper is adjustable in three separate locations, making it simple to achieve a bespoke fit.

They’re also environmentally friendly: the fast-drying webbing is created from recycled plastic, which keeps four plastic bottles out of landfills. 

Teva will also keep them out of the garbage when it’s time for an upgrade—the TevaForever recycling program takes any style of your well-loved Teva travel shoes to keep them out of the landfill.

In our opinion, these are fantastic shoes for hobbies such as rock hunting because they can be worn in water. 

They’re tied to your feet so you won’t lose them, and you may collect as many beautiful pebbles and shells as you desire while wading in the water. 

You may take your treasures home because they are small enough to fit in your backpack!

2. Skechers GOwalk 4 Travel Shoes

You may read the word “skechers” and think, “That’s not for me.” Bear with us, though, because the Skechers GOwalk4 Travel Shoes are different from the bulky types you remember from the early 2000s. 

These lightweight loafers feature a leaner design and can be worn with slacks, shorts, skirts, and casual dresses, making packing for a one-bag trip simple. 

If loafers aren’t your thing, they come in eight different designs, including lace-ups, for maximum adaptability.

While you can wear no-show socks with these, the bamboo-lined inner sole inhibits odors, allowing you to go sockless. 

Skechers enhanced the water resistance of these comfy walking shoes over the previous edition, so you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

These could be the ideal shoes for your travels, thanks to the Goga Pillars (pillars on the bottom of the shoe that cushion any heavy impacts) and responsive midsole cushioning that adds spring to every stride you take. 

We’ve been going about for days in these shoes—we’ve tested them for over a year across seventeen countries and varied terrains. Our problems are mostly visual, so if that’s not an issue for you (or if you enjoy the style), this is an excellent travel shoe to consider.

At slightly over 5 ounces apiece, they will not weigh down your bag, so you won’t have to worry about the scale when you check in for your flight. If you do venture over, have a look—the soles are prone to gathering up rocks, so you might be able to drop a few ounces if you find some under your feet.

3. Xero Shoes Pri

The ideal travel shoes are those you use every day of your journey. When you need a minimalist shoe to get you through the morning trip to the cafe, a day of seeing museums and the local park, and still look good when you hit the pub for some local flavor, the Xero Shoes Prio are an excellent choice.

These are a wonderful alternative for vegan global travelers because Xero uses 100% vegan-friendly materials such as rubber, canvas, and microfiber. 

We love that they don’t skimp on comfort and durability—we barely feel like we’re wearing shoes when we put them on. If you start to feel the need for a change, the soles come with a 5,000-mile warranty.

4. HOKA Transport

The Hoka Transport combines design, comfort, and versatility to transport you almost anywhere, including metropolitan streets, Disney World, and a tough mountain trek. 

There are both men’s and women’s variants available, allowing you to find a shoe that fits your foot properly. 

Furthermore, there are seven colorways available at the time of writing, so you may pick a shoe that will match your trip apparel or something more general like black, white, or gray to go with any outfit.


If you are confused about the best travel shoes, add any of these to the list of your footwear.

They are amazing if you wear them and they would save you from the anguish of wearing the wrong shoe for a little longer.

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